Self driving in Uganda is one of a lifetime experiences to that you should try while on an African Safari tour. Uganda is generally safe and the roads are in good condition to enable first time self drive travelers to enjoy their tour in Uganda.

Car Rental Kampala is the most re-known Uganda car rental & hire agencies with branches in different parts of the country.

When hiring a 4×4 self drive car for hire in Uganda for your safari trip, make sure the vehicle has the following;

Insurance: It is very important to first check with the car hire agent if their cars are insured to guard you from paying extra charges for the damages in case of any incident such as accidents. At Car Rental Kamplala, our safari fleets are all comprehensively insured giving an excellent way to explore the Pearl of Africa.

Spare tyres: Check if the car you want to hire has a spare tyre that you can use in case of a puncture on the road. Since safari vehicles are driven to the most remote areas of Uganda, ensure that your spare tyre is available and in the best condition.

Car tool Kit: Since you’re travelling in a foreign country, it may be hard to get a mechanic to fix some small issues with the car. Our safari vehicles have emergency tool kits that can help you fix some few things for you while on your trip. But this rearly happens because all our cars are fully checked and serviced before your trip and are provided in the best conditions. But check if your car has one, don’t go without it.

Fuel policy: Inquire from your car hire company about their fuel policy before you book a vehicle for your safari in Uganda. Most of the car hire agencies in Uganda do hire vehicles without fuel and its the responsibility of the hirer to provide for the gas he/she will use during the trip.

Unlimited mileage: Unlimited mileage enables you to travel all over the country without fear of exceeding a set travel distances. Car Rental Kampala offers car hire services on unlimited mileage to allow you explore Uganda and Africa at your own pace and fulfill your travel goals.

Boot space: It is vital to check for the boot space if it is enough for your luggage before you hire the car. Hiring a vehicle with small boot space will reduce on your space hence affecting your travel comfort. Contact car hire agent he/she will advise you on the most suitable car for your safari depending on the number of travel companions you have.

Pop-up roof: Visiting Africa for game viewing safaris, a pop-up roof vehicle is the best car to hire on your self drive tour in Uganda. Pop-up roof gives an excellent opportunity to view the wildlife in Uganda’s national parks and a great opportunity to take wonderful wildlife photos.

Air conditioning: Uganda’s climate is relatively good and air conditioning may be used not for cooling or warming you but the dirt road in the upcountry are too dusty that you need to have your windows closed. This call for air condition to provide good air in the vehicle while traveling.

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